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Welcome to the official website dedicated to JKT48's visit to British Hills.

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JKT48 is an internationally renowned pop group originating from Indonesia. The group, inspired by the legendary Japanese idol group AKB48, has carved its own unique identity in the world of music and entertainment. Comprising talented singers and dancers, JKT48 has garnered a massive following both in Indonesia and beyond, captivating audiences with their infectious energy, mesmerising performances, and chart-topping hits.


Filming at British Hills

Discover the locations where JKT48's music video, "Magic Hour" came to life! See the real life locations from British Hills that served as the backdrop for the various sets.


The Manor House

The centrepiece of British Hills is the Manor House, a timeless symbol of British aristocracy. With its stately architecture and sweeping grounds, this historic estate exudes an aura of timeless charm and regal splendour. See this iconic landmark, where JKT48's "Magic Hour" came to life.

The Barracks

Discover the historic beauty of the British Hills Barracks, built as a tribute to British military heritage. Its exterior design was inspired by the majestic Caerphilly Castle in Wales, England, and its architecture reflects the splendour of medieval design. Featured as a school in JKT48's "Magic Hour" music video, its weathered stone walls and cobblestone pathways evoke a bygone era of grandeur and history.

The Gate

Enter British Hills through its iconic gate, where discovery awaits. Pass under the wrought iron scrollwork and join JKT48 at the threshold of their "Magic Hour" adventure.


The Library

Find solace in the hushed ambiance of the British Hills Library. Our collection of books includes around 1600 books primarily from the 19th century. Soak in the ambiance of this scholarly haven adorned with rich wood paneling and soft lamplight and discover the timeless allure of the library that lent its charm to the filming of JKT48's "Magic Hour."